Straight Pipe & Flange Automatic Fitting up Machine

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Straight Pipe & Flange Automatic Fitting up Machine

Product Description

Two sets of flange positioning systems (trolleys, vertical posts, flange chucks)
Two sets of pipe regulation systems (turning rolls)
Two sets of bases
Two sets of hydraulic moving machines
Two sets of flange hoisting systems
Two welding power supplies
One control system

The flange assembly machine is special flange pipe assembly equipment with high strength, high efficiency and low cost. It is special equipment designed by our company for the design of power pipe towers based on interviewing and data query of years for shipbuilding industry and customers of pipe towers and the technical requirements of UHV transmission to pipe towers in "Power Transmission from Anhui to East" of State Grid. It, with the advantages of simple and practical design, low cost and simple operation, is semiautomatic equipment combined with the actual production requirements (such as key points of large ovality of straight-seam welded pipe and poor linearity) in the current iron pipe tower industry.

At the same time, it has compact design, large structure density and high machining precision, which ensure the machine to reliably operate for a long term while satisfying the assembly requirements of pipe tower flanges and pipes.

Characteristics as following:
(1)Ensure parallel assembly of two flanges;
(2)Ensure that two flanges are coaxial after the flange and the pipes are assembled;
(3)Keep any two mounting holes of two flanges on one straight line;
(4)Uniform insert depth of flange and pipe on two ends and convenient insert control in insert assembly of flanges;
(5)Meet the requirement of two flange end faces on length precision;
(6)Make assembly of different flanges in one pipe possible, and meet the angle reference of flange holes on two ends.

When the technical requirements above are ensured, the automatic feeding and discharge mechanism, the flange hoisting system and PLC control system are adopted for improving the production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.
The machine takes the flange chucks at two ends, the chuck axiality and positioning pin regulation mechanism as the assembly reference of the flanges and the pipes, and the pipe turning rolls, the claw gaskets and chuck rotating mechanism as regulation mechanisms, so as to ensure the assembly accuracy;

(1)Flange Assembly Positioning System
Flange assembly positioning system is mainly composed of a movable trolley, an automatic tightening mechanism, main and auxiliary vertical posts, centering electric clamp flange chucks and the like.

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